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Admin Panel

The admin panel is available at /admin, you must be flagged as an admin to view anything in it. You can sign in via the regular sign in form or the admin specific form. You can make your user an admin by doing the following in an IEx console:

user = Data.Repo.get_by(Data.User, name: "yourname")
user |> Data.User.changeset(%{flags: ["admin"]}) |> Data.Repo.update()


Admin Dashboard

The dashboard has a few counters for users, items, zones, and rooms. It also has a panel showing the currently connected users, which you can teleport your user to.

Disconnect Players

You can click the orange "Disconnect Players" to boot all connected players from the game. This will provide a message to the player that they will be disconnected shortly, providing them time to quit themselves. This can be useful for server upgrades.


Clicking "Teleport to" will transport your player character to that other character's game location. If you are signed into the game your player teleport live.