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Deploying ExVenture


Distillery is used to generate releases. Once a release is generated you can copy the tar file to the server and start it up.

cd assets && node node_modules/brunch/bin/brunch build && cd ..
MIX_ENV=prod mix compile
MIX_ENV=prod mix phx.digest
MIX_ENV=prod mix release

The script will also do the same.


The game does not support TLS natively, but you can get nginx to serve as a termination point and forward locally to the app. Nginx needs to be built with two modules, stream_core and stream_ssl. You will also need to set the ssl_port option in networking. By default it will load from the SSL_PORT ENV variable.

stream {
  upstream exventure {

  server {
    listen 5443 ssl;

    # Copy in your main site's settings here
    ssl_certificate /path/to/file.pem
    ssl_certificate_key /path/to/file.key

    proxy_pass exventure;