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Scripts are attached to NPCs and Quests. They dictate what an NPC will do during a conversation. Conversations are started with NPCs by greeting them.


This is an example of a quest script.

Admin script editing

How they work

A conversation will start using the start key line. Each conversation must have this. Quests must also have a trigger: quest in them. The NPC will send the player the message and respond based on the listeners.

Each listener has a key for which line to use next, these are validated to all exist before saving the script. The user's reply is matched against the phrase in each listener (as a regex), the first matching listener will trigger the transition to its key. If no listeners match, the unknown message is sent in response and the conversation does not move forward.

After 5 minutes, the NPCs state of conversations is cleared of stuck conversations. If a player reachs the end of a conversation (listeners is empty), then it also clears out their state.

Example Interaction

Given the script above, this is a flow you should expect:

Guard replies, "Hello, are you here to find out about our bandit problem?"
You tell Guard, "huh?"
Guard replies, "I don't know about that, but I can help you with bandits",
You tell Guard, "yes"
Guard replies, "I heard they are hiding {white}down{/white} in a cave."
You have a new quest.

Trigger Types


For quests only, this triggers giving the quest to a user


For any script, this continues the conversation in a new message to the user. The NPC will send the next key after the delay, continuing the conversation. This allows for breaking up large blocks of text.