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Quests Index

Quests help give players direction in the game. They reward gold and experience.

Create a new Quest

From the index page, click New Quest in the top right of the listing.

Quests new

Fill in the required information and a new quest will be created. You can then add steps and a parent or child afterwards.

View a Quest and Edit

After creating a quest or from the index page, you will see details for the quest.

Quests show

You can edit the quest by clicking Edit in the attribute table. Quests can have parents and children to create quest chains. Quests further down the line must be completed before being offered.

Quests show steps

The steps of a quest are the requirements that must be completed in order for the quest to be turned in. NPC kills are tracked as the player goes, while item collection requires they have count of the item in their inventory when turning in. Items will be removed from the player's inventory when turning in quests with item/collect steps.