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Items Index

The index lists out all of the items in the game.

Create a new Item

From the index page, click New Item in the top right of the listing.

Items New

Fill out the information for the item, name, description, etc. The stats field will be prefilled with information based on the item type. The effects field can be filled in with the buttons at the bottom of the field. See effects for more information on each effect.

Item Effects

View an Item and Edit

After creating an item or from the index page, you can see the details of an item.

Item Show

You can edit the item by clicking Edit in the attribute table. Items will immediately update in the game on saving.

Item Aspects

Items can be quickly created by Item Aspects. These are common snippets of stats and effects that are added to items and compiled into the final item stats the game will use.

Item Aspects Index

New Item Aspect

Click New Item Aspect from the index listing. The information is similar to what the items new page asks for.

Item Aspects New

After saving you'll be redirected to the details page for an item aspect.

Item Aspects Show

Add an Item Aspect to an Item

From the item detail page click Add Tag.

Adding an item aspect

After selecting the aspect to add, you can see what the compiled item looks like. All changes will be made live to the game immediately.

Compiled item