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Gossip Network

To connect to the Gossip network, sign up for an account on Gossip.

Configure Keys

Configure your Gossip keys in config/prog.secret.exs or config/dev.local.exs depending on the environment. You can get the Client ID and Client secret after signing in or registering from Gossip Config.

config :gossip, :client_id, "get from"
config :gossip, :client_secret, "get from"

Connecting Channels to Gossip

Once you configured Gossip, you can attach local channels to the network from the Channels admin panel.

Channels Attach Gossip

Create a new channel and check is connected to the Gossip Network. Set the gossip remote channel name to a channel you are subscribed to. After this, remote messages will start filtering into the local chat and local chat will be pushed up to the network.

Note: Gossip channels are not logged locally.