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Admin Effects

This subtracts from the health field of the target. type must be one of those defined in Data.Stats.Damage.fields/0. This will be boosted by strength for physical damage types and intelligence for magical damage types.


Admin Effects

This helps limit which damage types are used in the application of a skill. If a damage effect's type is not in the list of it's type then the damage is halved. For example, if a slashing damage effect was matched with a bludgeoning damage/type effect, then the slashing damage is halved.

This might happen when all of a player's armor and weapon effects are combined with the skill they are using. A piece of armor might be described as "magic users only", and have a damage/type of ["arcane", "ice", "fire"] to restrict what skills a player might use while wearing them. If they try using a dagger with slashing damage, then their slashing damage is halved.


Admin Effects

This deals damage over time. It will damage every every milliseconds. Every time it ticks the count will decrement until it hits 0 ending the effect. The effect is also "instantiated" by giving it an id to track with. On dying or count reaching 0, the effect will be removed from tracking.


Admin Effects

The amount of damage a usee will be healed for, and which stat to heal.


Admin Effects

This effect boosts the user's stats before any other effects are calulated.


Admin Effects

This effect boosts the target's stats for the duration amount in milliseconds.